Carl Froch anticipating a brutal fight against Glen Johnson after shocking weigh-in – Boxing news

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Carl Froch anticipating a brutal fight against Glen Johnson after shocking weigh-in – Boxing news
Former world champion at light heavyweight Glen Johnson surprisingly weighed in one pound lesser at 167.5lbs than the reigning World Boxing Council Super Middleweight champion Carl Froch at Caesar’s Atlantic City on Friday.
Both boxers are set to meet for their World Boxing Council’s super-middleweight title semi-final clash in the Super Six Classics tournament on Saturday.
The 33-year-old Cobra, Froch, however is still satisfied with his weight. He told the media that he is feeling much confident after the weigh-in and can easily go all the way. Though he claimed the fight is not going to go all 12 rounds, if he goes he will
be there toe-to-toe.
The Nottingham’s pugilist Froch, who has won 27 of his 28 fights with 20 knockouts, also reckons he will produce a master class on Saturday against the 42-year-old Johnson.
“I've made the weight so easily. I feel really strong at the weight, so I'll go 12 rounds if necessary. Hopefully it won't be, but if it will then I'll be there,” Froch told a British sports channel. “It could be a boxing masterclass from me, a one-sided
affair - or it could be a brutal affair. Hopefully I'll dominate at range, but if necessary I am happy to go into the trenches.”
However, the unbeaten American World Boxing Association’s World Super Middleweight champion Andre Ward, who will face the winner of the Froch-Johnson match, thinks it is a 50-50 bout. Ward, despite knowing the fact that Froch is being considered as a heavy
favourite for the match, told the press that both fighters have the capability of going all the way and winning the fight.
While speaking on his inclusion, he remarked, “It's a 50-50 fight in my opinion,” said Ward. “Either guy has the potential and the ability to win this fight. At this level you never really know, so mentally I am prepared to fight either guy.”
There is not much time left in the Froch-Johnson mega match in Atlantic City, so let’s see if Froch can really dominate Johnson.



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