Lotus Renault GP driver Vitaly Petrov hoping to return for Canadian Grand Prix – Formula 1 news

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Lotus Renault GP driver Vitaly Petrov hoping to return for Canadian Grand Prix – Formula 1 news
After a disappointing and ruthless weekend in Monaco, Lotus Renault GP’s Vitaly Petrov is hoping to return to the track in Montreal in two weeks time where the Canadian Grand Prix is expected to take place.
Petrov was involved in a horrific accident which involved McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton and Toro Rosso driver Jaime Alguersuari during the race this past Sunday. Both Hamilton and Alguersuari were safe but Petrov’s car did not look so good as a result of which
it seemed that the young Russian might be injured as well.
Due to the disaster, the race had to be stopped after which it was restarted.
“I’m fine. I have some pain in my legs but I should be fine for Canada. I couldn’t get out of the car at first as my legs were blocked and I also couldn’t feel them. So I thought I have a problem, maybe my legs are broken or something. So I just sat in the
car and waited for the people to help me get out of the car,” Petrov told the media.
The race was probably the most dramatic one of the 2011 Formula 1 season so far but it was no different in terms of results as Sebastian Vettel once again took the victory for the 5th time in just 6 races this season. With the win, Vettel has
increased his lead in the drivers’ championship even more.
Nevertheless, the teams are once again hoping to improve their respective cars and hopefully compete with the pace of Red Bull Racing team’s RB7.
Vitaly on the other hand, is confident that he will be able to compete for the upcoming race as he went through full body checks and analysis according to which, he is medically fine for the upcoming race.
“So I’ll rest for two to three days and then we will see what’s going on. I’m looking forward to Canada. We need points and I hope we will finish near the front,” he added.
Renault were looking pretty good in the beginning but they have been slacking since the past couple of races. However, they are hopeful of scoring some good results in the near future.



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