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I just wanna know a few things. Why did Kairi forget Sora and then remember him later? I thought that Sora was suppose to be the one forgetting everybody[chain of memories]. Who are the two hooded people talking in the very beginning of the game? If you don't know what im talking about, one hooded person goes "My true name is..." Was it Riku who gave Sora, Donald, and Goofy the sea salt ice cream and the pic in that box?




  1. Namine has the ability to change memories of those in relation to Sora by rearranging them and creating new links between them. The two hooded people who was talking to each other is Xemnas who is sitting down and Roxas who is walking towards Xemnas. Yes, the clue box was given by Riku.

  2. I Believe Kairi Forgot Sora Because It Was Over A Year They Havent Seen Eachother. Two Hooded People From What Ive Heard Is Roxas And Xemnas (I Have No Clue). And Riku Gave Pic And Ice Cream :P

  3. 1. I forgot when or who. XD But someone told Namine to erase Sora's memories and this affects the people who has memories of him. But as Namine slowly puts back Sora's memories, It's affect the people he is in contact with as well.

    2. That was Xemnas and Roxas. Roxas is the one that says "My true name is..." He was suppose to say Sora but he didn't know who he was.

    3. Yes, it was...isn't Sora great at guessing? :D

  4. She forgot him because in "chain of memories" everyone who had memories of sora forgot about him.

    the two people are Roxas and Xemnas,

    Roxas was a nobody who used his body to house soras memories until they were all back,

    roxas and xemnas created the world in which roxas lives so they could put all soras memories back together,

    the pics and ice cream just helped jog soras memories,

    when soras memories were all back roxas was inside soras body, and the girl in white who took soras memories is inside kairis

    confusing lol

    another thing anyone else notise


    is an anagram of SORA plus an X

    XEMNAS is an anagram of ANSEM plus an X

    they gain an X when they beccome a nobody and join organization XIII

  5. yes ricku does give sora the clue and the pic of the icecream  

  6. namine erased every ones memory who knew sora but they all remembered slowly,

    two hooded guys where riku and the guy with red bandage forgot his name well am sure it were them,

    yeah it was riku.

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