Kingdom Hearts And Kingdom Hearts Two Questions!?

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In Kingdom Hearts 1 after you beat Malifacent (Dragon form) where do you go?

In Kingdom Hearts 2 how do you beat Seferath and how do you get Serenity gems things for synthesis?

Is there a website for Kingdom Heart 1 & 2 for info about the game like walkthroughs hints and tips?




  1. 1. You obtain the FIREGLOW after the battle. Head out the glowing orb, and a new passageway beyond the Save Point is revealed. Save here, and restock your items once again. Fight the Shadows in the next room, and enter the Grand Hall.

    2. This boss fight should be doable if Sora is in the 90s, but you may want to fortify him with some Power or Defense Boosts. Fill his item slots with Elixirs, and put them on a shortcut. Make sure you have High Jump and Aerial Dodge at least at LV2. You will also probably want Glide as well. Remove any Combo Boost abilities and Equip Negative combo. Also equip Retaliating Slash and Finishing Plus. Once More and Second Chance will help, as will Leaf Bracer. Don't worry about equipping Donald and Goofy, since they won't be there to help you.

    As the fight begins, the screen goes dark and the reaction command Block appears. Hit triangle as fast as you can, since failure to do so will bring your HP down to 1 very quickly, and you will die soon after if you don't heal. Blocking negates any damage.

    As soon as you're in the fight proper, you'll notice that Sephiroth has a very long range with his sword. The good thing is that he has a hard timeNbreaking out of your combos, and finishing moves send him flying. For this first part of the battle, you should be fairly ok just attacking him when you get the chance.

    During the initial swordplay, Sephiroth will most likely knock you up into the air. Immediately use Retaliating Slash any time this happens, as he almost always teleport in front of you--right in the way of the slash! This is a great way to start an aerial combo and send him flying again.

    Fighting defensively is also a good option, and is made easier by Quick Run and other form abilities. When Sephiroth starts to combo, use one of the abilities to scoot out of the way. When he's done with the combo, he'll stop for a second, which gives you a good opportunity to attack.

    As the battle wears on, be on the lookout for the Block reaction command again. You'll know when Seph is about to use this attack when the screen goes dark.

    In the next phase of the battle, he'll start creating balls of energy around Sora. They will eventually hit you, but you can hit them away first. A well timed Explosion can send all of them flying. Keep an eye on Sephiroth at this time though, he can get hard to see with all the balls in the way.

    Another attack that he uses around this time is a giant pillar of flame that draws you in. You can't really hit Seph at this time, so just focus on running away. Quick Dodge and stuff work well for escaping the suction.

    Next up on the list is the infamous Descend Heartless Angel. Once again, this attack reduces your HP to 1 and your MP to 0, but once again, you can hit him before that happens to cancel it. What's different is that he uses it while pretty high up in the air. High Jump towards him as soon as you hear him speaking, "Descend... Heartless... Angel," and Aerial Dodge towards him to attack, disregarding anything else that's going on. If you can't make it on time, get ready with an Elixir and use it immediately. I still think "Sin Harvest" would have been cooler.

    Sephiroth adds one final attack to his repertoire when he's very low on health, though I personally have never encountered it. Apparently, he calls a bunch of meteors that fall down in a large part of the arena, and they move to fall on you. I'm guessing that Glide will be enough to avoid them, if needed.

    More detailed FAQs on defeating Sephiroth:


    - Gambler (4%): You'll fight a ton of these in the Underground Concourse in Twilight Town. (Suggested)  

    - Sniper (4%): They appear in Land of Dragons and in fairly big numbers outside the Tower in Twilight Town, but go for the ones on the first and second floor of the Hall of Empty Melodies in The World that Never Was, so that you can fight the Creepers, Samurai, Berserkers, and even the Assassins!  

    - Dragoon (4%): Find them in Beast's Castle in the Entrance Hall and on the Bridge, in Twilight Town in the square section of the Tunnelway and in the Star Chamber of The Tower, and in The World that Never Was. Opt for the Creepers instead.

    - Dancer (4%): They appear in The World that Never Was and Twilight Town. Land in the Sorcerer's Loft in Twilight Town and clear out the Berserkers and Gamblers on the stairs and the Moon Chamber. Now you can run back and forth from the Sorcerer's Loft to middle set of Wayward Stairs unmolested, and the Dancers will keep respawning.              

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  2. it's been a while since i beat the first kingdom hearts, but you can however go to they have walkthroughs cheats etc. i never beat sepheroth just because i never got to a high enough level..but i'm sure the walkthrough will tell you how.


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