My PSP is in Japanese!!! HELP!!!?

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We bought my psp in japan coz we thought they were all the same. Now my US games wont work. What kind of games can i use for it and where can i find one? Can I revert that and make it a US one is there any way???? Help..pretty pls....




  1. The only games that you can play on that psp is games that come from Japan.

    US games are a different region than Japan. So they will not work no matter what you try.

    There is no way to change a Japan psp into a US psp.


    person above. the reason the uk games worked on your psp is because they are in the same region

  2. that's strange... PSP games shouldn't have area lock...

    are you sure you had the right firmware version when you tried to play the game?

    i know movies do have area lock, which means you cannot play a US movie on an European PSP for example...

    there is a way, but it involves overwriting your PSP's flash memory. you need to buy a new battery and a MS to use them just to downgrade your PSP to fw. ver. 1.50 and then upgrade to a custom firmware. you also need a fat PSP.

    below is a link to a guide which tells you everything

    good luck dude!

  3. where do you live?you don't need to be choosing games anymore. you just need to upgrade it to a custom firmware (which would automatically make it english) i don't know how much it would cost you if you would upgrade in your place, but here in the Philippines, people do it for 100 pesos or $2. by using custom firmware, you wont be needing to use a UMD, you can just play the iso games via the memory card.

  4. Unfortunately japanese psp's can only run Japanese games. It the version of the psp.

  5. my psp is japanese but i live in the uk and the games worked i think it will work because usa and japan are both ntsc

    hope this helps

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