What are better, Sony PS3's or Microsoft Xbox 360's?

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Lots of people at my school have this argument so I would quite like to know?




  1. Pros: The X-Box 360 definitely has a larger pool of games to choose from.  It is cheaper out of the box.  It has a LARGE user base so you can find used games easier.  Seamless integration with media center capable PCs and Zunes.

    The Playstation 3 has a smaller selection of games at the moment but a much larger number of hit "exclusives" than the 360.  (Ratchet & Clank, Folklore, Resistance: Fall of Man, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, to name a few).  Cheaper in the long run with free online play that has improved by leaps and bounds, free wireless built in, Blu-Ray player and 1080P upconverting, wireless RECHARGEABLE controller, and upgrading your hard drive will not void your warranty.  In my opinion the user interface is much more "grown up" as opposed to the bubbly, almost girly style of the 360.  Superior processing and graphics capability compared to the 360.  Non-proprietary hardware can be used.

    Cons:  The X-Box 360 will cost more in the long run for accessories and you're stuck with proprietary equipment...unless you want wires hanging out everywhere.  Boring old DVD format.  Weak processor and video.  Higher failure rate.  Power brick that is like a giant gray tumor hanging off the side of the console that you have to keep away from carpet for fear of overheating.

    The Playstation 3 is more expensive out of the box.  It's heavier than the 360, even with the inclusion of the "brick".  Not all PS3s are backwards compatible and you will pay extra for that feature to be available.

    To be completely unbiased from a price and performance point of view when imagining every optional component having been purchased for each system, the Playstation 3 is by far the superior console.  The graphics are incredible and the upconverting capabilities for DVDs and divx are phenomenal.  I have both systems and, even though I love the 360 and my Zune/PCs seamless integration, the Playstation 3 is head and shoulders above the 360.  I have a 1080P capable widescreen television and surround sound, however, so other people's experiences may not be the same.

    One con I forgot to mention about the X-Box 360 is the sheer number of mindless fanbois like the previous poster.  I disagree with his statement and I have lint in between my toes with more brains than that will tell you right there what an opinion (ANY opinion) is worth.  When it comes right down to's going to be up to your opinion which system is better.


  3. im not going to go into detail so ill do buller points :D

    Xbox 360 cause.....




    PS3 sucks

    PS3 online sucks

    i sold my PS3 cause it sucked

    you get a free cherry sucker with the purchase

    no you dont im lying

    online is awesome

    PS3 has no exclusive games anymore

    PS3 garbage

    bye :]

    (oh and if anyone argues with me they're wrong)

  4. Whos better and who got the future?


    -positive predictions from companies

    -more reliable than 360

    -nice lineup of games

    If you get stuck in an argument you can print this out:

    Its most of the stuff I know:

    Positive predictions from Activision and Electronic Arts.

    They predict that PS3 will have a the winner for year 2008.

    Electronic Arts have stated that their games will be developed for the PS3 first, The PS3 will be the base development console for their multiplatform games.

    Sony aims to build genuine support from developers, one that is not driven by money. Sony instead provides assistance to developers and if however the developers really need it, financial support.

    From Fiscal Year of 2006, Quarter 3 upto Fiscal Year of 2008 Quarter 1. The PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 globally by 38.7%.

    The actual value of the PS3 after production is $200* dollars higher.

    (This means that if you are paying $399** for the PS3, it might actually cost around $599. **Suggested Retail Price, may vary from retailer to retailer.) Sony announced that it breaks even at software sales.

    *This is pre 65nm switch by Sony, to be implemented in new 80 GB and 160 GB SKUs which reduces manufacturing cost of PS3s.

    The PS3 uses the Blu-ray as its standard hard copy media, now supported by different movie studios to view their videos in HD. The Blu-ray's capacity is around 25 GB single-layer, 50 GB dual-layer. Read speed is slow, installation fixes the problem. Installed media allows faster data access leading load advantages, for example, rendering will be less obvious and less like to be often.

    The PS3's hard drive can be replaced with any SATA 2.5" which can expand hard drive memory upto 500 GB.

    Playstation Network is free of charge. Playstation Network provides varied service which is comparable to Xbox LIVE. Playstation Network will add PlaystationHOME to their services which will allows users to interact in a virtual world. Sony plans on letting developers create their own space which will allow users to technically allow users to preview games with their avatar. PlaystationHOME includes arcade games from virtual arcade machines and bowling. PlaystationHOME will be released in the 4th Quarter of 2008, although one can be lucky to get in the beta.

    If you own a PSP, you can connect the 2 systems together via WiFi to do alot of things. The PSP can also commend the PS3. The PS3 can also use the Wifi instead of ethernet cable if you have an available wireless network that connects to the inter net and is within good range.

    Playstation games have rapidly expanded and a promising lineup have been revealed at Electronic Entertain Expo 2008 and Leipzig Games Convention 2008. There are also multiplatform games for the PS3 (some multiplatform dont have the Wii as playable platform, you know what that means).

    some of the games released:

    Heavenly Sword (Action Adventure)

    Resistance: Fall of Man* (FPS Adventure)

    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (FPS Adventure)

    Warhawk* (Halo of the PS3)

    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots* (FPS Adventure)

    MotorStorm* (Racing)

    some of games to be released:

    LittleBigPlanet*º (Adventure/Sandbox Platformer)

    Home* (Online Virtual Environment)

    MAG* (256 player Massive Multiplyer Tactical FPS)

    Valkyria Chronicles (RPG)

    Gran Tursimo 5* (Racing)

    * Playable Online

    º Custom Content Sharing

    Xbox 360:

    Microsoft pays developers for undisclosed sums and provides support.

    Developers can use Microsoft .NET Framework in the development of games for the 360.

    The 360 released 16 months earlier than the PS3.

    Recently the 360 won 1 month in terms of sales in Japan. This is attributed to the release of Tales of Vesperia which was released only for the 360.

    Microsoft plans for its user to view HD videos via online content streaming or download, and Microsoft partnered with Netflix to deliver HD movies. There is no known solution to view HD movies other than Netflix if ever a user is on a slow connection.

    Xbox LIVE requires a GOLD membership fee of $50-60 to play your games online. Xbox LIVE has similar features to the Playstation Network both offering downloadable games and downloadable content for games. Xbox LIVE SILVER lets you browse the Xbox LIVE but you are basically unable to do much participation and interaction as compared with GOLD membership.

    The 360 uses the DVD as its hard copy medium for games. The DVD can store upto 4.38 GB of data, single layer, 8 GB dual layer.

    Xbox uses a proprietary hard drive unit which is currently produced and sold only by Microsoft. Currently, the highest possible size is the 120 GB HDD.

    The 360 uses ethernet as a primary means of connecting to the internet. The 360 does not support WiFi, but it can when a capable external hardware is connected.

    Since the 360 released 16 months earlier than the PS3, it has a larger collection of games. Some notable titles include:

    Halo 3

    Gears of War

    (The 360 shines in  

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