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In Kingdom Hearts 2 where do you find Seferath and how do you get the final form?




  1. If you think you're ready for one of the game's craziest challenges, head to Hollow Bastion now. Land in the Crystal Fissure section.

    This boss fight should be doable if Sora is in the 90s, but you may want to fortify him with some Power or Defense Boosts. Fill his item slots with Elixirs, and put them on a shortcut. Make sure you have High Jump and Aerial Dodge at least at LV2. You will also probably want Glide as well. Remove any Combo Boost abilities and Equip Negative combo. Also equip Retaliating Slash and Finishing Plus. Once More and Second Chance will help, as will Leaf Bracer. Don't worry about equipping Donald and Goofy, since they won't be there to help you.

    When you're ready, head through The Great Maw to The Dark Depths. Approach Sephiroth.

    You must fit the following criteria to obtain this form:

    - Have a total of 5 Drive Gauges

    - Have activated the fight scene with Roxas and Sora

    - You MUST be in battle when activating your drive form

    - It can be obtained in ANY world after the fight scene

    An easy way to obtain this form is to go to The World That Never Was and right after the fight Xigbar. Donald and Goofy will be walking around the area you defeated him in. Progress foward to Naught's Skyway, BUT DO NOT goto the next area. Transform into any desired form in a group of enemies, if you do not transform, head back to where Donald and Goofy are while in your drive form. Your drive will be maxed out again, and rinse, lather, repeat until you have the Final Form.

    If you've already gone past this point, head to where the Final door to Kingdom Hearts lies(Xemnas Fight)All your friends will be standing around, so leave back outside and use your drive form in a group of enemies. If you fail to go into the Final Form, head back to where all your friends are, and your drive gauge should be maxed out again. You must enter the door while in a drive form.

    Another way is to obtain Final Form through the Coliseum. After seeing the scene with Roxas, go to the Underdrome of the Coliseum and choose a Cup that allows you to use drive forms. Right at the start of the battle, transform into any form you want. If you don't get the Final Form, press Start and choose Quit. After that, your Drive gauge would be full again. Keep trying until you get Final Form.

  2. you will have to completeit on hard mode and on the last boss he will turn into his true form

  3. hmmm i found a source that shows where Sephiroth is located.



    Sephiroth is found at the Radiant Garden world, formerly Hollow Bastion.

    Sephiroth's first appearance in Kingdom Hearts 2 is on your second visit to

    Hollow Bastion, a story-triggered event where Merlin and Cid tells you that

    something's wrong with the defense system and that Leon has found access to

    Ansem's computer. You find that the gate to the Reconstruction Site is now open

    and the next location after it will lead you to Postern. This is where

    Sephiroth will appear and do a conversation with you and saying that he's

    looking for Cloud. After that, you won't be seeing him for a while.

    Once you seal the 2 Keyholes (100 Acre Wood is exempted) for Hollow Bastion,

    the world will be renamed to Radiant Garden which is actually its real name. If

    you notice, after doing so, an update will tell you that Jiminy has a new


    Open up Jiminy's Journal, go to the Radiant Garden section, go to Missions and

    you'll see there right underneath "Meet the Girls again" (the part where you go

    see the lil Final Fantasy X-2 trio) a new mission named "Meet Sephiroth again".


    UPDATE!: This slipped my head... since if you let the story progress, it will

    have required you to lock certain worlds before the events at Hollow Bastion

    would even trigger so you really can't miss the Sephie event since you'll

    eventually lock it twice and rename it to Radiant Garden which is all that you

    need. :)


    He's at the Dark Depths. Remember the place where Mickey follows Xemnas into

    the darkness and Axel appears to tell you what happened to Kairi and Saix

    appears to tell you about Sora's purpose in the Organization's plan AND where

    Maleficent TRIES to stop the Nobody's from attacking you but instead


    If that's too confusing, how about the place AFTER you fight the 1000


    He'll be standing there at the edge of the cliff as if waiting for someone.

    Go near him and do the Reaction Command 'Approach'. A cutscene will ensue and

    after fight.

    And you can only DEFEAT him ONCE. So I suggest if you want to fight him all

    over or view the cutscenes, save on a different file before the fight(the

    nearest Save Point is at Crystal Fissure).


    in order to get final form... you MUST go to The World That Never Was after you fight Xigbar (the gun shooting guy, hes so hardddddddd) and spam your forms like crazy. you will eventually get final form. if not, make use of the glitch form cheat. (if you don't know, go to a save point while still in a form, exit the world in that form, and return back. you should find that all your drive gauges are full.)

  4. When you get to Hollow Bastian, (First or second time I forget), You want to talk to Cloud. When you beat Hollow Bastian and it's original name is told,go to the place where you beat 1000 heartless, but go to the area past it. Talk to him and start the battle. WARNING!!! Do not attempt unless you a at least level 80+ and all your forms are level 7 and have a good weapon. For the final form, it randomly appears. I got it wile fighting the organization 13 boss w/ the hammer, so that might be key. Good luck!

  5. To find Sephiroth:

    First, go to Hollow Bastion/Radiant Gardens. Then, remember where you fought the 1000 Heartless? Just keep going past there and go to the next area, you will find Sephiroth standing there, talk to him when you are ready, you will fight him alone.

    To get Final Form:

    You have to use Master Form on the battle with Xigbar, or if you already finished that, just use it and Final Form might show up ramdomly. (it worked for me)

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