Roller Coaster Tycoon Game?

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Anybody got any good tips to make some really good crashes on the rides?

How do I make coasters crash in to the ground or water because can't get a ride to open without a complete circuit?

I've got rct 1 and 2




  1. Most of the newer steel roller coasters have a "Powered Launch Mode."  You switch the coaster to that instead of Continuous Circuit and it will let you build a track that doesn't loop around.  Now crank up the launch speed, and make a small hill and end the track.  It should send your carts flying off =)

  2. yeah look on youtube or something or google it should defineltley be on there

  3. What you do is make a coaster that goes REALLY high and then drops straight down and at the bottom of the hill put a really steep but small bump in the coaster. It has to be one of the coasters with the tube things that arent attached to the track......  or if you do one of the coasters that isnt a full circuit it just pulls the car thing backwards and then they kinda shoot forward and then come back backwards....i forget what that one is called. But if you do that and make it shoot them really fast and send them flying off of a loop.... :) thats fun.


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