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This is for Kingdom Hearts 1, And still alittle weird to me: Please help-

How/Why did Riku, Sora, and Kairi get on that island?

Like, They want to leave and stuff, And I know that island is also a town.. And whats confusing is

Sora had parents, When he was in his room, the mom said "Sora, time for dinner!"

So he just left her? And his parents died? I dont understand..

And what happened with Selphie Tidus and them?


haha, Anyone else notice how when you get in travese town, Theres a girl who looks EXACTLY like selphie in the center of the town? :P

Thanks if you can help




  1. sora and riku were born on the island, kairi came to the island when she was young because she was one of the seven princesses. im still also a little confused about why they want to get off the island yet in KH2 its surrounded by a town, but im guessing when they meant "get off the island" they meant the island and all the stuff behind it too. the stuff with the parents? eh, random, its the same with all the others on the island. they were consumed when the island also was until the island was brought back. or, i THINK they came back. im pretty sure they did.

  2. Riku and Sora were borned in Destiny Islands but Kairi was a formerly a resident of Hollow Bastion but one day was transferred to Destiny Islands for no reason. Maybe she was sent there for her own protection because she is a Princess of Heart.

    Their parents were never mentioned in the game as they were not the major characters in the game. The purpose of Sora's mom saying its dinner time meant that they had parents and not orphans. When Destiny Islands was totally consumed by the darkness, the residents were separated to different other worlds and so are Selphie, Tidus and Wakka. So when Destiny Islands were back normally, they all went back like Kairi did.

    The minor characters may look alike because we don't pay too much attention on them.

  3. They never lived on Destiny Island. Destiny Island isn't exactly a home rather than a place to hang out for the three. Their homes are on another island, which apparently must be close, since they take their own boats to the island.

    The three probably just wanted some adventure, because they're young, and from their point of view, it seems like they're in the middle of nowhere and haven't seen a lot other than their hometown and Destiny Island.

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