What is the quickest way to learn 600-700k in runescape, trying to get gold trimmed rune armour...?

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if anybody can answer this question on a way to get the money moest efficiently and quickly i would greatly appreciate it.




  1. Here is a pretty good money making guide broken down by free players and member skills.

    Or various no skilling ways to make money on Runescape

  2. well... if u r a mem i would say kill green drags... if u r f2p then merch body runes

  3. If you're a member, then do the throne of miscellania, royal trouble to unlock the Manage Kingdom minigame. I don't know about anybody else, but I make 200k a day doing nothing from it.

    If you're a non-memb (which I assume you are since members wouldnt waste money on gold trimmed rune armor, they're trash) then I suggest cowhides or woodcutting. Mining also works well. You need to put time to levelup your skills if you want to make money faster. Rune essence also is a good way for lower skill characters.

    There is a more risky way, called MERCHANTING, buying something cheap then selling it for more. Watch the GE price trend and stockpile things that are gonna rise in price. I did this with the saradomin sword and made a few mils from it. Its more risky though since you can also loose alot of money =p

    Good luck


  4. Visit this site

    It will give you runescape guide.By the way its rs gold are very cheap. Only 3.89usd for 1m

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