In general... if I bring bread or ceral or something to feed to the ducks at the zoo will they get mad?

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There is a giant pond outside the zoo.. I will just feed those ducks lol




  1. I think yes. I think that animals at the zoo eat special food that is good for them. You don't know if those animals are allowed to eat the stuff you bring. They can get sick. I think that a zoo would probably have feeding stuff that you can buy and that they are allowed to eat. I would want to risk the wellbeing of the animals.

  2. yes they would, their ducks may be just like the ducks at the park but they feed them different and your food more then likely wouldn't make them sick but they may get fat and that would be bad. plus you would be teaching them to bug people for food. try buying food there to feed them. I know at the rio grande zoo here we have little fish food dispensers for the koi in the pond and people feed that to the ducks.  

  3. yes they will get mad,because there is chemicals in cereal that could be harmful to them...

  4. Outside the zoo it might be ok, but if it's on their property they still might get upset.

    You could always call and ask the zoo.

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