Does anyone know if it's normal for a caterpillar to make half a cocoon then stop? how do i know it's alive?

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i found a fuzzy caterpillar and after a little research i decided it was probably a moth. Now the moth is cocooning but he only finished half a cocoon and its been more than w week. I did a little more research and read that moths will somethings integrate the fuzz into their cocoons, does anyone know if it's possible that half a cocoon be made of fuzz or if after a week its safe to say it's dead? how can i tell if it's still alive?




  1. Just check if it is completely sealed then if it starting to smell bad it is probably is dead but just be patient and wait for a few more days.

  2. Wait a couple of days, and if nothing happens it's dead. If it flies away as a butterfly, it's alive!

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