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why do ducks sleep while standing on 1 feet




  1. 1 foot,not 1 feet

  2. I use to own ducks and they didn&#039;t sleep on one foot.  They sleeped either in their pond or behind this fern we gave them, laying down (basically it looks like they are sitting on their feet- very cute looking).  I&#039;ve honestly never seen them sleep on one foot.  But when I worked at the Flamingo, those flamingos did it every now and again.  That I cannot explain.  I read or watched some program on it once, but that was awhile ago.  I cannot remember.

  3. rest one then rest the other one?????

  4. ...they dont....and trust me i kno i live near alot of ducks(aka i live in the middle of the woods on a lake)

  5. . . even though some people have said they don&#039;t sleep with one leg up ... the factual truth is they DO ..

    Not all birds do it though mainly waterfowl in particular

    i mean i should know . .  I have 12 ducks and I&#039;m always watching there funny antics also the chickens and geese sleep like that too. again i have chickens and geese

    .. to be honest there is no real definition as to why they do it . .  I&#039;d imagine just so they can move quickly if a predator or threat comes to them . .

    I say this because My animals never sleep like this at night in their sheds

    (at night they lie/sit on floor)

    except for the chickens (they perch lol)

    but however they do sleep with one foot up during the day . .  when they are outside in the fields . . where they are a bit more vunerable i suppose although they are alway locked up at night

    also it&#039;s probably comfy . .  and easiest for them . .  

    and maybe even something to do with circulation .. just a guess there though ..

    well i hope i helped some bit to you

  6. all birds do that.

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