Panda or Koala bear?

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Lets say you are trapped in a room, the door is locked and you are stuck in the room with either a panda bear, or a koala bear. Which one would you choose and why?




  1. Koala bear because i never saw a panda bear and since they are endangered animals i want to help save there kind of species. and i did some research about them and they are a friendly animal that does not harm people. and also because they are one of my favorite kind of animals. I hope my opinion can be helpful. good luck and god bless.

  2. A Koala bear can't eat you like a Panda bear can.

  3. I would choose a panda bear because they are harmless and cuddly and cute!

    I could choose the koala, but I like pandas better! =)

  4. Koala

    Both are cute and neither are bears

    but both both are foul tempered however koalas are small and can't hurt you, pandas are much larger and can hurt you if they wanted to

  5. Definitely a panda.  Koalas stink something fierce.

  6. A koala. It is smaller so I would feel much safer incase I inadvertently did something that ticked it off.
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