Do pigs (like the type on a farm) have hair?

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Do pigs (like the type on a farm) have hair?




  1. agreed, the first guy is right. all mammals, no exception, have hair of some kind.

  2. yes, they are mammals.  all mammals have hair/fur

  3. Yes.

  4. yeah. they do have hair..

    it's just not so noticable...

    while, some can be seen easily...

  5. Sure.  For many years, the best brushes were made from pig bristles.  In fact, many painters still prefer them for oil-based paint, using synthetics for latex.

  6. Yes, short hair for the most part; but, hair.

  7. Pigs, like all mammals, have glands that produce hair. Most pigs are quite hairy.

  8. yes, straight and wiry!!  

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