Could an earwig lay eggs in my sleeping bag? PLEASE READ

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i am pretty much deathly afraid of earwigs and i left my sleeping bag outside and my overnight bag with clothes and stuff in it.

a few earwigs crawled out. could they have layed eggs in there??

it was a bit damp. WHAT CAN I DO??!?!?!?!??!?!??

i cannot have these crawling in my house...i just cant burn all my stuff :P

THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance....




  1. by the way, earwigs didn't get there name because they LOVE to crawl in ears. you don't need to be that afraid

  2. Wash your sleeping bag.

  3. Stop being silly and just shake all your stuff out.

    Trust me, the earwigs have more to be afraid of than you do!  I totally don't understand peoples fear of bugs...we're thousands of times their size and have gigantic brains...for goodness sake!

    Yes, they could have laid eggs in there, but you can just shake them out along with all the bugs.  If it still creeps you out you can launder all your stuff.

    I was working on a construction project for the house once and dropped a whole colony of earwigs right on top of my head - probably 200-300 of them, all sizes.  I shook them all out of my hair and brushed them off my clothes, chuckling and thinking the whole time what a drama it would have been if I was afraid of bugs...

    Thank god I'm a country girl...

  4. I highly doubt they laid eggs in your sleeping bag.  If you're really scared, just wash it and dry it in the dryer to kill any.  If it won't fit in your washing machine at home, go to the laundry mat and use one of those front-loading machines.

    Good luck!

  5. My guess is that you don't really go camping and only use your sleeping bag for family room sleepovers. I would just shake the thing out and you will be good. If you want to wash it, follow the advice from and you will be good.

  6. it's actually a myth that they crawl into your ear but whatever.  and if you're that worried about it, take it to a drycleaners or something or wash it yourself

  7. first of all there is no reason to be deathly afraid of them, yes they could have laid eggs in your sleeping bag. If you left it outside overnight you should wash it anyways and it'll take care of the earwigs and anything else that happens to be in the bag.  

  8. I suppose they can lay eggs if they can get into it. Logically, it would be an ideal place for them to lay eggs. You could get your clothes and shake them out really well (both inside out and turned properly) and then throw them in the wash. You could probably do the same with your sleeping bag, depending on the material. I don't know about the overnight bag.


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