Finland and Anaheim Ducks’ Saku Koivu gets the honour of carrying Olympic torch

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Finland and Anaheim Ducks’ Saku Koivu gets the honour of carrying Olympic torch
Silver Medallist in 2006 Turin winter Olympic games and bronze medallist in 1994 Lillehammer, 1998 Nagano and 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, Saku Koivu had one of the biggest honours of his life.
Koivu got this honour when he carried the 2012 London Olympics torch on Tuesday, 24th July, just three days before the opening ceremony of the games. He ran through the London Borough of Hillingdon, which is located in Greater London’s northwestern
It was very hot temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and 86 Fahrenheit as the torch went through its 67th day of travelling. The torch is supposed to reach the Olympic Stadium of London the 70th day as it had started its journey on 19th
of the May after being ignited on 10th May in Greece, the country where ancient Olympics games were held back in 700-400 B.C.
Saku Koivu was one of the 8000 people on the list who were supposed to carry the torch, a list which was decided and published on 18th May 2012.
Former Montreal Canadiens’ center was naturally very delighted and honoured on the occasion while talking to RDS, Reseau des sports, a French Canadian sports channel. Koivu hoped that he can do it again and told that it was a great privilege to represent
Finland at the event as he said,
"It was a really great experience, when you see the smiles and the excitement about the Games you really see how big the Olympic Games really are. It was a privilege to be there representing Finland. These opportunities don't come often. Hopefully one day
I can do it again."
37-year-old Koivu was not the only hockey player to have this honour nor is the only male hockey players to ever have this honour. On Tuesday, Angela Ruggiero of U.S also carried the flame. 32-year-old Ruggiero is a four time medallist in Women’s ice hockey
event in Winter Olympics. She had won gold medal in 1998 Nagano games.
Pittsburgh Penguins’ Sidney Crosby, former Montreal Canadiens, Washington Capitals, Vancouver Canucks’ New York Islander player Trevor Linden, former Vancouver Canucks’ player Stan Smyl are male players to have carried the Winter Olympics torch before.



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