How does Certificate in General Insurance (INS) help?

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I am a software engineer working on the Insurance Domain. Currently completed INS21 examination and would soon be taking the INS 22 and INS 23 exams to complete the Certificate in General Insurance.

Want to gain the Domain knowledge before making the switch to the same.. How does the above study help me in this? What else can be done?




  1. It's a great overview of insurance, and how it's intended to work.

    Not being a software engineer, I have no idea how the two are related, unless you'll be writing insurance programs.

  2. The Certificate in General Insurance will give you an over view of the insurance industry.  It's the introductory course offered by AICCPCU.

    The Insurance school offers a lot of courses and professional designations. So which one you take next depends on what you want to do. There are one for adjusters (Associate in Claims) and underwriters, managers etc.

    I have completed INS, AIC and have one more course to complete CPCU.  How has it helped me in my job?   I can't say that I learned anything in these courses that I use day to day.  By the time I did INS and AIC I had been an adjuster for about 5 years and had learned most of that just from doing the job. But someone who does not know anything or is just starting out can actually get something out of these courses.  CPCU has nothing at all to do with my job and I don't even come close to remotely using that information day to day--- but it's very well respected for adjusters to have it.

    Mostly I do it for the same reason any one in any profession gets additional training. I strengthen  my resume (should I ever need to look for a job) and to make me more promotable.   Not every adjuster has INS, AIC, CPCU and any thing I can do to improve myself (especially when my employer pays for the courses so there is no expense to me) I'm going to do.

  3. Well, a couple of things you might want to consider.I've had good luck here...

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