How could this guy take all damage?

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When I and a couple of my friends, two whose was armed with bats tried to confront my girlfriend's ex about not taking any of us seriously when we tell him to give my girlfriend the moneys he owe her. This guy is a professional fighter for living and he is smaller than all of us, maybe 160 lbs and just under 5'10.

It didnt go as planned, we were just trying to intimidate him but he attacked a friend so we all got scared and jumped him. We attacked him until he cannot get up then ran away.

The next morning, I got a call from a friend, he say he got jumped by this guy badly. My friend cannot walk because his leg is hurting so bad, he lose four teeth, is peeing blood, and cannot see out of one eye.

I don't understand how could this guy take all damage and still manage to deal that much damage to a bigger guy just a couple hours later? How could he have done this?




  1. find friends that dont try to kill random ppl

  2. I don’t know.  

    I do know that I don’t have sympathy for a group of guys who go after one lone guy regardless of the reason.  

    You in the company of a group of like minded  (simple minded) guys you set the terms.  You guys confront this guy and then him rather than cower to the ground begging for mercy, like I bet all of you would,  he stand up for him self.    I would like to meet this guy and shake his hand.  

    What ever his issue with this girl,   its none of your business.

    Yet you stuck your nose in and it got punched.

    Next he made it clear that he is coming for each of you this time on his terms.   Broken leg was it?   I don''t normally support violence but I do accept that sometime little punks need to be put back in line.  

    I hope he does a good job going from one punk to the next.  

    I absolute guarantee he will finish it.  He may take a while but yes he is coming.  Even if the cops lock him up, one day he has to be released.

    I repeat.

    What ever the issue between him and the girls, is between him and the girl.  It was never your business.

    And yes while it may be thanks to drugs that he was able to do this, my guess is, he simply is so pissed with you wimps it was the adrenaline that drove him.

  3. it sounds like he has high self-esteem.

  4. drugs...i feel that this is what all this may be about anyhow

  5. Should throw your #$$ in jail.

  6. y would you attack someone like that?

    u and your friends are retarted

  7. He got what he deserves.  Now, he'll kick your *** too so watch out!  

  8. He's a professional fighter, so he knows what he's doing.  Are you implying that he's coming after you one by one?  You and your friends may be in for some well-deserved trouble.  Next time, best to let the law handle this type of situation.

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