Help me with pubic shave cuts please!!!?

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ok so about a day or two ago I shaved some of my pubic area (I'm a guy). I didnt get around to shaving the "triangle area" so to speak, so I did it today. I shaved against the grain cuz I had already trimmed the hair down really low. Now I have a bunch of tiny cuts that really burn all over my pubic area. I put neosporin on it then some aftershave for sensitive skin. They seem to be getting better but I just wanted to know if I should be worried about the cuts? I don't want there to be any permanent damage, but I'm pretty sure that they are just superficial as the bleeding has stopped now (abt 10min later). Any help here guys?




  1. you can cut yourself shaving it doesnt do any permanent damage

  2. shave when the hair is some what long, not stubs. thats why you are getting cuts. when they are stubs, your basically pulling hair out. and dont worry about the cuts. nothing bad.  

  3. it'll heal okay the neosporins a good idea

    i love it when a guy shaves so it doesnt tickle my nose lol

  4. try putting baby powder on it

  5. Get some Gigi No Bump after shave and a proper pubic shaver when you shave next time.

  6. Don't worry, it'll get back to normal...

    It's just the skin was so irritated as it seem it was not used to be shaved that way...

    You'll be fine.

  7. Dont worry about the razor burn... it will go away! Its normal and will probably happen again. You can also try putting Hydrocortisone Cream on the area to help with the irritation. Make sure you use a nice Sharp Razor with plenty of shaving cream or soap before hand next time! =)

  8. The cuts wont go away until they heal.  Next time you should use a BRAND NEW razor, the best one you can find.  The quad blades work best.  Don't go over any area more than once.  Use lots of high quality shave cream.  Next, use some Tend Skin (available online) to prevent the razor bumps you WILL get tomorrow.  You can also try a depilatory cream like Nair for men.  Then you wont have to shave at all, but it can cause a burning sensation on sensitive skin and DON"T use Nair on your s*****m.

  9. nah your fine put aloe vera on it and that will help

    also, a few weeks ago i shaved my pubic area and i cut it like you did and i had those cuts and it didn't bother me until it started to itch a lot so that   when i went to aloe vera for comfort.

  10. You shave against the grain you will get ingrown hairs and zits.

    I don't understand why you are shaving. You are a  man who wants to look like he isn't in puberty?

  11. Stick with the Neosporin until the cut has healed, then if the irritation continues, try 'Desitin Clear' (Baby diaper rash ointment) This ointment will help clear the razor burn right up!  

  12. no, i'm a girl but it's basically the same thing, it's normal to get razor burn. try using a brand new razor next time you decide to shave to avoid it :]

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