Small bump on p***s...?

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This morning i discovered a small bump on my p***s... there' s not a lot of pain...i am 13 a virgin so I don't think it is an Std and I hope it's not cancer. I just wanna know if anyone else has had this or has known someone who had this.




  1. dont worry

    i had lots of these, under the balls on the starting point of p***s place

    they will go away very soon, but if you make ur self worry, you may get some other sickness so dont worry about,

    and if you are really thinking that it is not an ordinary pimple go to a doc,

    and one thing else see if it is hard or soft, if it is hard then you better see doctor before it is late

    take care bro

  2. Tell your mom you need to go to the doctor if you are concerned after a couple of days. I am guessing its probably nothing :)

    Good Luck  

  3. Are you sure that's just not your p***s?

  4. I totally agree with Cristina. Don't sweat.  

  5. Hey man.

    It COULD be something to worry about.

    But there's a good chance it isn't.

    It could just be a pimple.

    But if it's there longer than a pimple would be, then I think you should take action.

    But wait it out for a little bit.

    Hope everything works out.

  6. Did you wear any clothing that was rubbing, or ill fitting, with sweat or some moisture? Could be a boil if so, which will turn pretty sore the more you mess with it. Warm baths in a bathtub will help open and heal it if that's what it is.

  7. Don't let the freaky "cancer" jerk scare you!  Give it a day or so to see if it is acne.  If not, you may simply have a wart.  Sorry - they can end up anywhere.  The good news is that's easily fixed.  See your doctor to determine for sure what is going on if you continue to be bothered by it.

  8. could just be a pimple, wait a few days and see if it gets smaller and goes away

  9. Could be a zit. doubt if it's cancer.  Could be a growth spurt or a growth squirt. lol

  10. They are a Clausius, from masturbating to much. Just take your finger and squish them and the white hard substance will come out. Try using lotion or ky jelly during your private time alone.  

  11. i once had these im 13 also when i was like 8 i told my mom and she said

    they were just growing hair folicals

  12. genital warts?  ask your doc

  13. its a pimple? I cant know without seeing it. The size of a pea? smaller? I don't know. if its still there in 5 days see a doc

  14. im a girl but omg  thats not good ... do you have any pain at all ??

    really go to the doctor it can be a cyst or even cancer

    hope you feel better <3

  15. Sounds like herpes.  I'd diffinately take a trip to your family doctor so they can do blood test.

  16. its normal to get bumps on places where you dont except it one of my friends had a bump on her b*****s.

  17. p***s cancer.

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