Does smoking and masturbation and working out increase hair loss?

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Cause I read this and am concerned. But is this stuff ok when taking pills that help block DHT (at least inner)




  1. Blocking DHT should slow down hair loss BUT if you are going to go bald might as well enjoy it and shave your head. Ive never seen a balding man who didnt look better with a shaved head

  2. no

  3. smoking, yes

    masturbating, no

  4. Those pills you are taking are probably going to raise your estrogen levels. People with high testosterone levels (steroid users for ex.) will lose their hair faster usually, due to the more abundant testosterone converting into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Also your genetics are going to play a role. Of course an unhealthy lifestyle (smoking) puts additional stress on the body which could contribute to hair loss. As for masturbation even if you could go bald would you stop s*x and masturbation, no you wouldn't.

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