I keep getting erections for the smallest reasons?

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I can just be laying down or in in a store or even at church and i get an erection for no reason!! its really embarssing and i like to wear kakis shorts alot and yeah its kinda obvious when i have one when im wearing kakis. they just come out of nowhere! im just sittin there and BAM i got an erection! is this normal?

and im only 13.




  1. its normal, and funny. Just ride it up in your pants/shorts waist band.

  2. Hahahaha that iis sooo funny!

  3. yes very it's growing and you proably see some girl you like or your just growing

  4. No worries, its only temporary (the sensless erections I mean).

  5. You think it's bad now wait till you turn 14

  6. It means you're HEALTHY and NORMAL.

    Random erections occur in our puberty years from 13-18. It will go away after a few years.

    Hope this helps.

  7. Yes it is at your age and when you get older and you want it to work for the occasion it won't work

  8. yes that is completely normal. since you are 13 that probably means that you just recently started going through puberty.

    when a guy starts going through puberty they well get a lot of random erections for no reason because you are growing and producing sperm and you are finally ready to become sexually active!

    well hope that helped dude!  

  9. Yes, its normal. It will eventually go away.

  10. well sometimes puberty does that... i suggest you m********e {in private of course (lol) }

  11. Yep, you're a guy and we all go through this.  It will lessen as you get older but this will always be a part of your life.

  12. Don't worry its completely normal. It's part of the package of puberty.  

  13. Don't worry its completely normal. It's part of the package of puberty.

  14. yea im about your age and it happens all the time but i used to where those shorts i switched when i noticed they were happening more so switch your shorts

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