Is it true that men who smoke can get problems getting an erection, or keeping an erection?

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and do women avoid smokers because of this?

( a female friend told me many women avoid wearers of glasses, because there is a high chance, that any children they have will have defective eyesight, and avoid smokers, because statistically they are less likely to be satisfied in future years due to erection problems (or will have high costs for tablets to combat this)




  1. no (puff puff)(stroke stroke)

  2. Quite true.

    There are a plenty of studies linking erectile dysfunction to smoking.

    Not to say it WILL happen, just that it increases your risk factor quite a lot.

  3. my man has never had an issue.  About the glasses thing well nearly 96 million ppl in the US were either glasses or contacts.  

  4. Yes...nicotine constricts the arteries and therefore less blood flows to the p***s. Less blood in the p***s =a softie.

  5. Yes it can, hasn't happened to me yet, touch wood ( ! )

  6. Not sure, women avoid smokers for many reasons. Bad breath/teeth, smelly clothes/house, socially unacceptable... Never heard the erection problem but maybe?

    Never heard of glasses either but most people are a candidate for Lasik now a days so that’s less of an issue.  

  7. It is true about erection.

    As for women, I think this is an exaggeration (the same thing is true about wearers of glasses).

  8. I don't believe the comment about people who wear glasses -  I don't believe that simply because your parents wear glasses, it's more likely that you'll develop visual problems. I know plenty of people who have perfect vision, even though their parents wore glasses.

    The comment about smokers and erection problems I do believe, however. this is because the nicotine in the cigarettes causes that blood vessels to become narrower, and since there are blood vessels in the p***s, these will also be affected by the nicotine and gradually narrow, reducing the blood flow and, eventually, the erection.

  9. True. It's to do with blood levels and oxygen.

  10. Yup its all true!

  11. it can cause problems

  12. Yes there is a possibilty of this, but don't forget the possibility that maybe they don't want to be close to someone who is smoking like a chimney all day long, filling the house and car with clouds of gagging smoke.

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