How do you keep an erection?

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How do you keep an erection?




  1. c**k ring. As long as you can get it up once the ring will take care of the rest after you put it on.

  2. p**n  and stroke the side of ur co*k

  3. p**n?  Thanks for the 2 points =D

  4. u keep thinking of what ever gets u going, like guys gurls watever gets u going... like if u m********e then just keep going at it, i m********e nd i watch gurl on gurl p**n 2 get me going

  5. Keep it in a jar in the refrigerator next to the Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise.

  6. Think about baseball, at least that is what I heard in a movie once.....2pts.

  7. stay aroused.

  8. p**n

  9. This is not an easy question?   How long did you want to keep the erection?   I mean everyone has a meter running on those things and I would suppose your not looking to walk through life sporting a major erection all the time?    

  10. take some Ginseng

    Take some Yohimbe Bark or products containing it _ Advanced Yohimbe Plus or Steel Libidio

    Use a c0ckring

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