Sourav Ganguly refuses to comment on Greg Chappell’s opinion – Cricket News Update

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Sourav Ganguly refuses to comment on Greg Chappell’s opinion – Cricket News Update’s comments about Rahul Dravid not enjoying senior players’ support during his tenure.
Chappell and Ganguly never shared pleasant mutual relations as the latter was sacked from the Indian team’s captaincy when the former Australian cricketer was appointed as the coach in 2005.
The former left-hander was also dropped from the ODI team, but made a comeback before the was thrashed out of the tournament in the very first round. 
In a recently launched book on, Chappell stated that the right-handed batsman was not supported by some players; otherwise he had the ability to become one of the Indian history’s most successful captains.
"Had he been given the same wholehearted support in the role that he had given others, I think the recent history of Indian cricket may have been very different and he could have gone on to become the most successful Indian captain ever," Chappell expressed.
Ganguly however, is not fazed by the Aussie’s point of view and refused to comment, not igniting a new controversy.
The former Indian captain revealed, "I don't think his (Greg Chappell's) comments have put me against Dravid. I've read the comments he has made (in the book 'Rahul Dravid -- Timeless Steel'). He can write whatever he likes. But I don't want to speak about Greg
Chappell anymore."
The left-handed batsman himself is considered to be one of the finest captains produced by India as the Men in Blue started winning away from home in his tenure and also reached the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003, which was held in
Ganguly, who celebrated his 40th birthday on Sunday, led the Pune India in the fifth season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) but his side failed to make an impression. It is most likely that the former great will soon announce his retirement
from domestic cricket as well, in an effort to make way for the youngsters. 



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