James Sutherland explains Greg Chappell’s dressing room ban – Cricket News Update

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James Sutherland, the Chief Executive Officer of Cricket Australia has played down the reports that the outgoing talent manager of Australia,, had been banned by the board from entering into the dressing room of Australia cricket team after
a dispute with the Aussie players. 
While talking to the media reporters on Wednesday, Sutherland clarified that it is not only Chappell but other selectors have also been asked to spend a minimum time in the dressing room.
"We as a group decided that we would keep intruders into the dressing room to an absolute minimum. That included whoever were the selectors on duty at the time," Sutherland was quoted, as saying by a leading Australian daily. 
"We actually made a commitment across the board that management and selectors and what have you would spend as little time in the dressing room, and the only times that we would be in the dressing room was when the team was in the field," he added further. 
Sutherland said that Chappell has not been barred because of his poor relationship with the players rather the CA decided to restrict the access to team’s dressing room in the Wake of devastating Ashes crushing at the hands of last summer. He said
that following the Ashes debacle, the Cricket decided to make the intervention into the dressing room to the absolute minimum "to manage the distractions as much as possible".
Sutherland has recently returned from where he had gone to brief the players and Chappell after the recent rift between the two parties. The CA chief is now all set to begin the process of implementing the recommendations of Argus’ 40-page report.
Chappell, who has decided to stay as the on-tour selector in Sri Lanka despite the deteriorating relationship with the players, will be removed from the coveted role after the tour in the wake of the latest CA review conducted by Don Argus.
The Cricket Australia, last week sacked the chief selector,, from their roles in a major revamp of Australian cricket.



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