Greg Chappell likely to quit Cricket Australia completely – Cricket News Update

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Greg Chappell, who was sacked yesterday from the post of national selector by Cricket Australia, is likely to quit as National Talent Manager as well in a protest against his ‘unfair’ termination on the basis of a ‘brutal’ report.
Following a review report of the Australian cricket, the CA has dismissed the Chief Selector, who has been asked to apply again for the post.
Much disheartened, Chappell has decided to give in his second role as well and separate himself totally from the board. This has been revealed by a newspaper report titled as ‘Chappell may walk away from Australian cricket after being sacked as a selector
in a brutal review handed down yesterday’.
A former Australian banker, Don Argus, took a comprehensive review of Team Australia’s performances over the past two years and presented his report to the CA high-ups yesterday. The report pointed out a number of flaws in the management of the team.
The major victim of the report's results was the national selection panel, which was accused of nepotism, favouritism and wrong selections which let the team down.
Commenting on the ouster of Chappell, the CA Chief Executive,, said, “In terms of whether Greg is happy or not, that's something you can ask him. I've spoken to him ahead of these recommendations being handed down so he understands what
was recommended, what the board has adopted in that respect, and we'll work from there.”
He further told, “He may well have some decisions to make himself about that, but that's really in his hands. It was a brief conversation. He needs time to digest that.”
The Australian cricket authorities are taking certain drastic steps to perk up the standard of the game in the country and enable their team to regain their lost pride in International cricket.
The Aussies have experienced a severe slump in the last couple of years, sliding on the Test rankings ladder and failing to defend the Cricket World Cup title.
Team They have won two and lost one matches and the 4th One Dayer is being played today.



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