David Sullivan says that Carroll refused to agree to a move to West Ham United

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West Ham United’s owner has revealed that the striker refused to move to Upton Park despite the fact that Liverpool had agreed a loan deal with the Hammers for the new Premier League season that is set to get underway
this weekend...
West Ham United’s owner Sullivan has shed some light on the Andy Carroll transfer saga and accepted that the Liverpool striker refused to consider a move to Upton Park even after Liverpool had agreed a season long loan deal
for the Englishman. Andy Carroll has found it hard to win over Anfield’s faithful fans at Liverpool after his 35 million pound move to Liverpool from Newcastle United in the winter of 2011.
The former Newcastle United man has been seen as a perfect companion for Luis Suarez in attack at Liverpool but both the strikers have thus far failed to strike chemistry between themselves which has been the downfall of Liverpool.
Last season, Kenny Dalglish won the Carling Cup with Liverpool but he has been since dismissed by the club’s owners and replaced by Brendan Rodgers.
 Under Rodgers, Carroll’s future has been a source of uncertainty at the club as he has been linked to a move away from Anfield to West Ham United and even his old club, Newcastle United. Sullivan revealed that there was also a
17 million pound option to buy the striker and secure his services on a permanent basis if the loan deal went through as planned.
The West Ham United owner said, "I can only talk about this because it has been put in the public domain already. My manager wanted Andy Carroll, so we backed him. Andy was the perfect player for him and the style of football we
He added, "We play a lot of high balls, a lot of crosses - quite exciting football, not just humping it but clever crossing - and Sam wanted Jarvis to supply the crosses because he is a fantastic crosser. We had a deal in place
with Liverpool to borrow the player which automatically became a purchase if we stayed up.” 



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