Scramble to steal the Coral Brighton Belle – Heat 4

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Scramble to steal the Coral Brighton Belle – Heat 4
The two-year-old black b***h, Scramble, is the most commendable entry for the Coral Brighton Belle – Heat 4 on Thursday, 16th August at Hove. She has broken away from the winning routine recently and today has got the chance to swing back into
form. The 515 metres race will be hosted by Hove and has brought together six talented contestants.
Suffocating the chances of for Scramble bagging the £150 prize money today are Farmers Lass, Dixies Craft, Droopys Danneel, Jaytee Monroe and Bit View Emma.
Head Bound’s black daughter started racing just this season and has been performing brilliantly lately, displaying a way improved form from what she started off with.
She settled as the runner-up in her career debut on 31st January, 2012 at Romford and her first success of the career was right after that. On 7th February, 2012 she raced over 400 metres in 24.23 seconds while winning by the margin
of a length.
The D. Childs trained has been racing very competitively through the last five races with the very recent sixth attempt being a dreadful failure.
She won over 263 metres on 17th June, 2012 at Coventry by timing the track distance in 15.92 seconds and racing past the wire by the margin of 3 ¾ lengths.
On 24th June, 2012, Scramble took 29.58 seconds to race through 485 metres at Coventry.
Setting into an early pace right after leaving the trap has been the trick for her to get speedy and ultimately be the first one through the wire.
The two-year-old monopolised the Coral Hove Ladies – Dup on 15th July, 2012 at Hove over 515 metres. The joint favourite remained prominent almost throughout the race and concluded it in 29.67 seconds while leading the track by three lengths.
The two-year-old out of Bluetoon Megan, won the Coral Ladies Trophy – Heat 2 on 26th July, 2012 at Hove over 515 metres. Being fast and quick had her on the other end of the wire in 30.31 seconds. Missing the race due to a short head’s difference
was, Dixies Craft.
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