New Orleans Hornets and Phoenix Suns: Franchise players in each NBA Team – NBA Feature Part 14

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New Orleans Hornets and Phoenix Suns: Franchise players in each NBA Team – NBA Feature Part 14
New Orleans Hornets – Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis might not have played a single NBA so far, but given his college exploits with the Kentucky Wildcats and the unanimity in selecting him as the number one pick, he is something special and will be the man who will
carry the Hornets into the future.
There can be an argument that Eric Gordon is the player the Hornets are looking as their mainstay, but given that the player showed an inclination toward Phoenix Suns during the summer and is apparently not comfortable at the Big
Easy, it won’t be long before he decides to leave.
Not only this, but Davis has all the attributes of a franchise player. He came into college as a 6 ft 3 shooting but then grew up by 8 inches and became a power forward, and thus has diverse skill sets. His offense needs some work
apparently, but he is a beast on the D and a very good shot blocker.
Phoenix Suns – Luis Scola and Goran Dragic
The void left by the departure of Steve Nash cannot be filled by one player, and the Suns will need both Goran Dragic and Luis Scola to take the burden.
Scola was amnestied by the Houston Rockets this summer in a bid to add more flexibility to their cap space, as they made effort to land Dwight Howard. The Argentinean is a class player, who can rack up double-double figures day
in and day out.  His presence gives the Suns a front court leader, who can inspire from his performances and intensity.
Dragic was Nash’s understudy for many years at Phoenix, before he was traded to the Rockets last season. In the Desert City, he never got a chance to blossom as Nash used to marshal the floor and same was the case at Houston, until
Kyle Lowry went down with an injury.
Dragic made good use of his opportunity and excelled to an extent that he got the starting nod even after Lowry became fit. Surprisingly though, the Rockets parted ways with him in the off season, allowing the guard back to Phoenix.
Scola and Dragic played together at Houston for over an year and know each other’s game pretty well. The Suns will want them to work in tandem and take the franchise into a new era.
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