Webb Simpson looks to defend title at Wyndham

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Webb Simpson looks to defend title at Wyndham
Exactly twelve months ago, Webb Simpson clinched his first title on the PGA tour by three shots at Wyndham, “It felt like home” said Simpson.
When he takes to the field this time around, the feeling would be no better as now people know him as a US Open champion. As a result, he will be having more fan following as compared to last year.
"To break through, have my first victory here an hour-and-a-half from where I grew up and an hour-and-a-half from where I live now ... it was a perfect place to break through and win".
Last year, Simpson had some difficulty in finishing tournaments at the PGA tour on top of the leaderboard. On numerous occasions, he gave away the lead.
However, all these experiences led him to be a better player and eventually a major winner.
"The number of times I put myself in position to win and didn't get it done, I took the positives from those experiences and learned from them," he said.
However, things do not look pretty good for Simpson currently. After winning the US Open, he took a few months’ break. He missed the Open Championship and spent some time with his family.
When he returned to course at the Kiawah Island, he looked in a bad shape. He missed the cut and never ever looked like the player who had won the major. After such a long break, it takes a little time to get back in to rhythm.
Simpson had been anticipating this week since last year, after winning the Wyndham Championship. He said that he wanted to come back here ever since.
This place holds special memories for him, as it was the place of his first victory on the PGA Tour. Simpson was in joyous mood even though he missed the cut at the PGA Championship.
"I am kind of relieved I am back in competition now. I got the rust off. It will help this week and I got to go home a couple of days extra," the 27-year-old said.
A mammoth effort will be needed for him to pull of this victory. The odds are against him but in golf anything can happen. After all, who would have thought Rory Mcllroy would win the PGA Championship?



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