BPL chairman admits to having made mistakes – Cricket News Update

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BPL chairman admits to having made mistakes – Cricket News Update Premier League’s governing council chairman, has admitted that the first edition the league was flawed on many counts – however, he went on to promise that the second edition of the competition would improve on these mistakes, stating that the entire tournament would collapse if the franchises involved were unable to survive.
“It was the first time and people learn from their mistakes, but it was a costly mistake,” admitted.
“We are now considering issues which we should have thought of before the tournament. I won't deny that we made mistakes, and I think emotions ruled over our actual ability to stage the tournament,” he added. “In the second edition, we'll try to create a win-win situation for players and teams. If teams aren't sustained, the tournament will collapse and along with it will go the cricket standards and players' futures.”
Following the culmination of the BPL’s inaugural edition in February this year, the tournament continues to make headlines. In addition to criticism regarding a lack of organisation and pre-planning, the tournament has also been financially unstable, with extended delays having occurred in paying contracted players their salaries.
Faced with the gargantuan task of organising an event on such a large scale, the organisers, predictably, made several first-time errors. Lacking knowledge regarding drafting a budget, and the selection of players, the organising committee counted too heavily for sponsorship on companies which were venturing into such an event for the first time.
The result was that players’ salaries were inexplicably delayed, with cricketers such as confirming that they had not been paid their full amount.
Bangladesh and Duronto Rajshahi skipper also spoke out to criticise the tournament, claiming that in addition to the payment delays (Rahim claimed players had been promised 75% of their contracted amount before the culmination of the tournament), there had been a severe lack of organisation, with his team remaining in the dark regarding which team they would be facing in the first semi-final.
Deadlines in May and July were set up for the clearance of player dues, but the franchises failed to come good on their promise, despite repeated reminders by the Bangladesh Cricket Board and the Federation of International Cricketers Associations (FICA). The board has finally been forced to step in and handle player payments, in addition to the tax issues raised by the National Board of Revenue.



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