West Ham United co-owner David Gold fears a mass exodus at the club

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West Ham United co-owner Gold fears a mass exodus at the club
In the month of February, West Ham fooled us into thinking that they might eventually be able to pull off 'the great escape'. After having spent an entirety in the relegation zone last year, they climbed out of the bottom three.
But it now seems a lifetime ago as West Ham go into the final 3 matches of the season rooted to the foot of the table, and facing a daunting task of retaining their top flight status. With just three games left to play, West Ham are all but certain for the
drop and if they are relegated, there will be a mass exodus of players from the club.
Matthew Upson, Scott Parker, Carlton Cole and Robert Green are all established England stars earning their bread in West London and certainly do not deserve to be playing in the second tier of English football. If the club are relegated - which they are
almost certain to - all these big names will leave the club and there will be no shortage of suitors.
The West Ham board now also seem to have resigned to the situation as the co-owner, David Gold has confessed that he will not stand in the way of anyone willing to leave the club for greener pastures.
There still exists some small possibility of West Ham surviving the drop but it is as unlikely as the sky turning green. West Ham are three points adrift of safety in the league and with 2 home fixtures and a game away from home against Wigan, it looks highly
unlikely that they will be running shoulders with the Premier League elite next season.
Gold was quoted as saying that it is unfair for an England international to jeopardize his career by playing in the Championship and he will not force any player to do so if his club is relegated to the second tier.
West Ham’s remaining two home games are against Sunderland and Blackburn, while their third is against Wigan Athletic, who are also struggling for survival. Hammers have only won two home games all season but will somehow have to turn the tide in
their favour if they are to survive the drop.
"It's unrealistic to ask an England player to come down and play in the Championship, it impacts on his career. Would I try [to stop them]? Of course, I would try but you would have a one in 10 chance." Said Gold on Thursday.
Gold said that he has to be blamed from some of the decisions that have added to their misery but he was of the view that one always ends up blaming himself if anything goes wrong. With the transfer window closed, he tried the best he could to ensure the
club’s survival, but as it is panning out, it was not enough.
"You go over the decisions you have made and yes, you have to take the blame. At the time you think you have done the best job. When the [January transfer] window closed I thought we had done enough." Added Gold.
Scott Parker, who won the PFA player of the year award only recently, will be the star attraction in the summer as he has stood out even in the shadows of misery.



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