Arsene Wenger says that Podolski and Giroud were brought in to replace Robin Van Persie

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The Arsenal manager has went on the offensive after selling Robin Van Persie and assured the Arsenal fans that and Giroud are going to replace the Dutchman despite his immense goal scoring contributions to the
Gunners’ campaign in the previous Premier League season...
Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Arsenal have eventually parted ways with their talismanic striker after a transfer fee of around about 24 million pounds was agreed for the Dutch striker between the North London
club and the Red Devils. Manchester United finally emerged as the victors in the transfer window saga that also courted interest from Juventus and Manchester City but it was Sir Ferguson who managed to bring Van Persie to Old Trafford in the end.
Van Persie was a massive influence on Arsenal’s rise to the third place spot in the league table last season and now things look bleak for the Gunners who are putting all their hopes on new arrivals such as Giroud and Podolski.
Van Persie was the league’s golden boot winner last season and now he will join in Manchester United’s attack which means that Manchester United might have an even better chance of challenging Manchester City for the
Premier League title.
 On the other hand, Arsene Wenger is under attack once again as and Fabregas were sold last summer followed by Robin Van Persie in the
current transfer window.
Wenger has iterated before that Arsenal will carry onwards and improve as there have been additions to their squad but it remains to be seen whether or not those improvements are sufficient enough to compensate for Van Persie’s
Wenger said, "He is at Manchester United, unfortunately for us. The transfer was finalised in the afternoon. It's never great to lose players of that quality but he only had a year left on his contract so we do not have a choice."
He added, "We have already recruited. Giroud and Podolski were intended to offset the departure of van Persie.” 



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