Lasse Jensen ready for the Stensballegaard Golf Club’s challenge

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Lasse Jensen ready for the Stensballegaard Golf Club’s challenge
Denmark’s Lasse Jensen is optimistic about his performance in this week’s ECCO Tour Championship, hosted by Thomas Björn and Mercedes-Benz, because of his experience at the host venue, the Stensballegaard Golf Club.
Right after Stensballegaard Golf’s inception in 2010, Jensen visited the area and spent some time playing golf on the course.
Therefore, he has plenty of information about the course than any other player participating in the Challenge Tour event, scheduled this week.
Last year, the event was held at the Lübker Golf Resort where Jensen tied for the fourth position. This year, he aims to improve his track record in the tournament while taking the home soil advantage.
After his first visit to the site in 2010, he looked really impressed with the design of the course. He admitted it during the practice round on Tuesday and said that the challenging design of the course will make the tournament more interesting.
“It had only just opened when I played there, but even then you could see it was a good track,” he said. “I don’t know which 18 we’ll be playing, but it’s quite open so I think the wind is going to have an effect”.
There are a total of 27 holes present on the course and players are provided with indoor and outdoor practice facilities too.
In 2010, it was also named as the Golf Development of the Year by the prestigious US magazine Golf Inc. because of its state-of-the-art facilities.
It currently ranks among the best golf courses in Denmark and people usually prefer spending a little extra money to get a time slot to play on this course rather than any other course in the area.
According to Jensen, some of the holes make the players feel as if they are playing on a links course. A huge number of greenside bunkers and big slopes make the course more difficult and offer a good test for the players.
“I would imagine the course is much more mature now, and they have cut the fairways in where they want them to be,” he said. “It’s going to be really interesting going back and seeing what they’ve done with the place. I’m certainly expecting it to be tough”.



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