Daniel Welbeck hails Wayne Rooney’s impact on his career in the English Premier League

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The Manchester United striker has praised Wayne Rooney’s guidance that has helped him develop as a player at Old Trafford as both the Englishman prepare to kick off England’s EURO 2012 campaign with their opening encounter
against the French national team...
Daniel Welbeck has hailed Wayne Rooney’s impact on his career in the English Premier League and now he has come out and praised the Englishman. Rooney is set to miss the opening three matches of the group stage at the European
Championships for England due to his suspension but it is quite likely that he will be incorporated back into the England setup if they manage to progress past the group stages.
England kick off their EURO 2012 campaign with a tough tie against France and they will hope for a victory in that encounter as it will assist them in their efforts to progress past the group stages. Roy Hodgson has also included
Daniel Welbeck in his squad and it is likely that the Manchester United forward might be given a starting line up spot against France given Rooney’s absence and also the dearth of offensive options at hand for the Three Lions.
Welbeck added, "He’s fantastic and I owe Wayne a lot. He [Rooney] has been a terrific friend and a brilliant help to me. We have really forged a great partnership and he is amazing during a game. He never stops yapping in my ear,
telling me, ‘ this’ and ‘Daniel that’." Ferguson has done at Manchester United but such a partnership will have to wait until the knockout stages at least. The young
Englishman also said, "He knows what it’s like as a young player coming through in the Premier League and with England."
England’s hopes of doing well in the European Championships rest on Rooney’s shoulders as the Three Lions’ most talented player but it will be the likes of Welbeck, Andy Carroll and Defoe who will take up the responsibility of
getting England to the knockout stages from a group that includes the likes of 



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