Vitali Klitschko to fight Manuel Charr before retirement – Boxing News

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Vitali Klitschko to fight Manuel Charr before retirement – Boxing News
Vitali Klitschko, the current WBC Heavyweight champion and former WBC and WBO champion, believes he is on the brink of retirement, but he wants to face Manuel Charr from Germany before hanging up his gloves. However, no confirmation from Charr’s end has
been received yet.
Klitschko, who is currently 40 and is motivated to be a more active political member in the Ukraine, believes he has achieved all what he had to. For now, the parliamentary elections are scheduled for October 28. Vitali will be returning to his hometown
soon where a massive crowd of seventy thousand people is expected to welcome him at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev. Vitali has given September 1 as his expected retirement date. This will be the second time Vitali will compete in his hometown. Previously, he
fought Francesco Spinelli from Italy. Vitali had knocked out Spinelli in the very first round, giving his hometown crowd just what they needed to see.
It should be noted here that even though Vitali wants to hang his gloves, his long time rival David Haye still wants him to fight. In his last interview regarding the issue, Haye clearly mentioned that he wants to face Vitali Klitschko after defeating Dereck
Chisora on July 14.
On the other hand, Vitali’s camp revealed that they had offered Haye a fight contract but he refused. Denying the reports, Haye said, “I think Vitali wants to fight me, because he has got a lot of pride. But I think he’s had a lot of money invested in him
to become the mayor of Kiev, and potentially the president of Ukraine, and his advisers, and the people who do his negotiating aren’t going to let Vitali’s ego get in the way of something that could potentially cost him tens of millions of pounds.”
For now, David Haye does not stand a chance to fight Vitali, as Dr. Ironfist has already announced his last opponent and his retirement date. Probably, Haye may get lucky to get a shot at Vitali if the heavyweight champion wants to get another opponent before
hanging up his gloves.



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