Alex Ariza on the ‘do not enter’ list – Boxing News

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Alex Ariza on the ‘do not enter’ list – Boxing News
Strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza finds himself in jeopardy, after entering in a serious rift against Hall of Famer coach Freddie Roach and Top Rank’s promoter Bob Arum. A recent photo from Chris Farina, photographer for Top Rank, shows Julio Chavez
Jr. training with conditioning coach Luis Cornejo. The photo was emailed to Manila Standard in reply to a photo that was emailed by Alex Ariza as proof that he is working with Julio Chavez.
It should be noted here that the whole issue of Alex Ariza being fired by Top Rank started after the coach left Manny Pacquiao’s camp in Baguio City, stating that he had to train Julio Chavez Jr. for his match against Andy Lee on June 16. When asked about
the situation, Ariza stated, “Chavez didn’t even know what happened and only found out today that Arum is not going to put me on the plane, not going to give me credentials, if I go to practice, he’s going to have me arrested if I go to Top Rank. He had me
blocked by the guards at the gate where Chavez Jr. lives, with my name on a ‘do not enter’ list.
According to Ariza, Bob Arum is the man responsible for keeping him away from Chavez. He further revealed that Arum even threatened him of being arrested if he enters Top Rank’s Gym in Las Vegas. However, in his defence, Ariza said that there is no point
in creating an issue over since he had taken prior permission from Manny Pacquiao before leaving the camp. Ariza further added, “(He was) the only one to ever get him to make weight in his career, on time without any problems.”
On the other hand, Freddie Roach, trainer for Manny Pacquiao, believes Ariza’s act was entirely unethical and that he should be fired for him. Roach was not even ready to have Ariza in Pacquiao’s corner, but the Filipino insisted for Ariza’s presence. Pacquiao
has already confirmed that he indeed permitted Ariza to leave the camp and work with Julio Chavez. However, it seems like right now Ariza has no other option but to cope up with Bob Arum has to offer.



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