Rafael Van der Vaart warns that Robben will be back at his best in the European Championships

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The Dutch attacking midfielder has made it clear that Arjen Robben is ready to bounce back at the European Championships after suffering a heart break in the UEFA Champions League final as Bayern Munich lost to at the
Allianz Arena and Robben missed a penalty kick in the process...
Rafael Van der Vaart has come out in defence of his team mate and made it clear that the Dutch winger will be back at his best in the European Championships for the Netherlands after suffering heartbreak in the UEFA
Champions league final as Bayern Munich lost to Chelsea. Robben had a chance to give his team the advantage in the Champions League final against Chelsea but his penalty kick was saved by in extra time which meant that Bayern Munich went onto lose
the match via the penalty shootout.
Robben is seen as a central figure to Holland’s 2012 EURO aspirations as they are one of the favourites to win the tournament despite their susceptible defence. The Dutch national team did reach the final of the 2010 FIFA World
Cup only to lose in extra-time to due to Andres Iniesta’s goal.
Spain are once again the defending champions this time around and the Dutch will be looking to set the record straight and bag the European Championships this time around. Van der Vaart stated, “Robben was very hurt when he arrived
to the Netherlands camp, but we are all cheering him up and he will be back to being the same player he always is.”
He added, “I have spoken to him and he still doesn't understand how the final got away from Bayern. They played better but when you get to penalties anything can happen. It's a big risk. I am totally convinced that the blow for
Robben in the final will not affect his play with the at the Euros.”
Holland are set to open their EURO 2012 campaign with a group stage encounter against, a match that the Dutch are favourites to win but Denmark cannot be underestimated either as their defensive display at the FIFA 2010
World Cup was noteworthy. 



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