Rio Ferdinand admits that the possibility that he might never play for England again

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The Manchester United defender has now got a shaky relationship with the newly appointed national team manager as he was left out by the former West Bromwich Albion coach in favour of Gary Cahill and Martin Kelly...
Rio Ferdinand has admitted to the fact that he might never play for England again after Roy Hodgson snubbed the Manchester United defender in favour of at first. However after Cahill’s jaw injury it seemed that Hodgson
would definitely turn to Rio but the former man.
 Hodgson has made it clear that his decisions are based on football purely but there is a deeper war going on in the English camp between John Terry and Terry has been accused of racially abusing Rio’s brother Antoine
Ferdinand and since then the relationship between the two footballers has been uneasy to say the least.
Many have hinted towards the possibility that Hodgson has thus preferred to keep Terry happy by excluding Ferdinand altogether from the England setup for the European Championships. In his latest interview the former Leeds United
central defender accepted that he might never be selected for the England national team under Roy Hodgson’s tenure but he also made it clear that he was not willing to retire from international football.
Ferdinand said, "You would have to say it might be over with England for me. If I'm not getting picked now, especially when people are out injured, then it's unlikely I will be picked again. I always said I wouldn't retire from
international football until I stopped playing and I won't. I will still be available."
He added, "Of course I was upset not to be in the squad. That's a perfectly natural reaction. I love being involved in football at the very top. I won't discuss what Mr Hodgson has said to me but he knows I wanted to be in the
squad." After Cahill’s injury, Hodgson’s best bet in central defence is 



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