Wayne Rooney optimistic about England’s chances at the 2012 EUROs

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The Manchester United striker has said that England need to put things right at the European Championships after disappointing the previous two international outings namely at FIFA 2010 World Cup and the 2006 FIFA World Cup
as well... says that England must go into the European Championships with a winning mentality as it will help them do well. England’s performances over the past decade in international football have been disappointing to say
the least. Even though that the Three Lions are ranked 6th in the FIFA rankings, they have failed to reach the semi-finals in any of international competitions over the past ten years.
In the 2002 FIFA World Cup, failed to overcome their Portuguese
opponents once again at the quarterfinal stage.
In the most recent FIFA World Cup in in the round of 16. The Three Lions even failed to qualify for the 2008 EUROs which was won
by Rooney said, “I think you go into a tournament hoping you can win it. That’s the main thing. In the past two tournaments [World Cup 2006 and 2010], they’ve ended in disappointment. Now is the time to put that right.”
He added, “We know as players that we’ve been expected to do better than we have done in recent years. We understand that when you play for England you’re there to be shot at. We need to be sure we give our all and that when the
tournament comes we try to win."
England are seen as underdogs for the European Championships not only because they have a poor international record in tournaments but also because they are without several key players for the competition such as
and as well as Rooney albeit for the first three matches only. Roy Hodgson will thus depend on some of the younger members of his squad such as Welbeck and Henderson along with Andy Carroll to carry England through to their end. 



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