Timothy Bradley believes he is angry and ready to win – Boxing News

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Timothy Bradley believes he is angry and ready to win – Boxing News
After remaining unbeaten in 28 fights, American fighter Timothy Bradley believes it is his time to win the show. Tonight, Timothy Bradley will go one on one against the current WBO Welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao has fought more than 50 opponents,
which means he is way more experienced than Bradley. However, Bradley believes his being young and more energetic will give him advantage over Pacquiao.
Bradley currently stands with 28 wins, 0 losses and 12 knockouts in his portfolio. The American unbeaten will head towards his life’s first ever mega-bout. While talking about the show, Bradley iterated, “This is all the hard work I've been putting in the
gym. All the sweat. I went through h**l. It wasn't fun. I wasn't happy. So somebody has to pay. I'm (angry) that I had to go through that. Now it's coming down to this moment, and I see the guy that made me pay for all that hard work. That's just my demeanor.
I'm a competitor. I don't fear any man. I don't fear Manny Pacquiao. Don't have any respect for him right now. It's going to be a big fight. It's going to be a good fight.”
According to Joel Diaz, Bradley’s trainer, most of the people in the arena will be supporting Pacquiao, which will make Bradley even hungrier, and it will give him the power to be stronger and more aggressive.
Pacquiao currently stands with 54 wins, 3 losses, 2 ties and 38 knockouts in his portfolio. He is one of the best pound for pound boxers in the world today, holding the WBO welterweight title. It should be noted here that this bout will be Bradley’s biggest
ever fight purse of $5 million.
According to Bradley, this is his opportunity to grab the honour and respect he deserves in the industry. He further added that he is better than Pacquiao, as he has great footwork and he is very quick in the ring. He even said that he is very smart and
he will predict Pacquiao’s moves easily.
Both fighters are highly excited for the bout tonight and they are ready to give it their best shot.



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