Chicago Cubs have yet to assign roles to their pitchers – MLB News

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Chicago Cubs have yet to assign roles to their pitchers – MLB News
The Chicago Cubs’ manager Dale Sveum stated on Sunday, February 19, that the club will make the ultimate decision on Jeff Samardzija’s role in the team after appraising him in Spring Training. Speaking to the media on the opening day of the Spring Training
at Fitch Park in Mesa, Sveum also commented that the Cubs have not assigned any position to any hurler yet.
"We just want to look at him and see how he reacts to multiple innings and see what happens by the end of Spring Training to make that decision," Sveum said about the possibility of Samardzija’s playing as a reliever or starter.
"We haven't promised anybody anything. The fact of the matter is to see what we've got there. He might wow us -- you never know. That's a power arm and a power body that is obviously built to start."
Among those who will be instrumental in allocating the role to the pitchers will surely be the pitching coach Chris Bosio. From the starters to the rotation, the Cubs will cautiously tread the path so as to avoid any drawback.
Any miscalculation at this point in time can potentially be costly for the Chicago Cubs which is arguably, in the rebuilding phase. While the club might have a dazzling array of hitters available at their disposal, choosing the pitcher, reliever and closer
will be an understandably difficult task.
It is this uneasy decision that the Cubs are weighing with meticulous care right now. Of the 15 pitchers already slated in the 40-man roster, the range indeed is sufficiently good for the Chicago Cubs.
The list of pitchers’ names is in no way undistinguished. It carries prominent names like that of Carlos Marmol, Jeff Samardzija, Ryan Dempster, and Trey McNutt. Dale Sveum is confident that the team has a lot of good arms in their camp.
Beyond the splendour of the club witnessed during Spring Training on Sunday, the Cubs have indeed a lot to settle. It is, therefore, ever more interesting to see how the team weaves together a winning combination to triumph over their rivals for the upcoming
2012 Major League Baseball regular season.



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