Keegan Bradley eyeing breakthrough at Augusta National

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Keegan Bradley eyeing breakthrough at Augusta National
Keegan Bradley has been experimenting well. Even though he was not able to secure a victory at the Northern Trust Open, with Bill Haas making the magical birdie, he has definitely been able to extract some valuable lessons from the tour.
One valuable lesson was to gamble his luck at Augusta National this year.
It might come as a surprise for many, but the American golfer has enjoyed an eventful session of golf playing when it comes to Augusta.
Hence, keeping the legacy of playing this event with his father alive, he has finally decided to take part in the Masters event this year.
"It was one of the most special couple of days I've ever had in my life," Bradley said. "It was really, really a great time, and I look forward to April".
The 25-year-old golfer, after winning the PGA Championship, was able to clinch the 26th position in the World Rankings.
His main motive in Augusta is to achieve a breakthrough, especially when it comes to soaring his world rankings.
"I remember going to Subway and parking my car down Magnolia Lane on the other side and just eating and staring down Magnolia Lane, ready to rip my hair out," Bradley said.  
A couple of days ago, he was at his favourite place, the Riviera golf course, where he was facing Phil Mickelson.
Both these players were able to secure their positions at the leading spots in the event until Haas emerged as the most unexpected winner of the championship.
It was his 45 putt birdie that played the role of the match turner and allowed him to gain a leading edge.
Other than this golfer, Aaron Baddeley, who was able to claim victory at the NTO last year, was able to improve his position with the help of his opening-round of 73.
He was able to secure a position at the sixth place with 5-under-66. His third round was marked with three consecutive birdies that played a pivotal role in surging his position.  
In addition to this, players like Pat Perez were also able to make their position in the event after unveiling their talents at Pacific Palisades.



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