Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Matt Garza seems optimistic to return this year – MLB News

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Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Matt Garza seems optimistic to return this year – MLB News
The Chicago Cubs’ starting pitcher Matt Garza is looking much optimistic of his potential return this year.
Currently Garza is injured due a cramp in his right triceps which according to Cubs’ team doctors is a serious issue for his potential return into the season.
"I fought so long with them, 'I'll be able to come back, I'll be able to come back, They just said they've had enough let's see what else is in there. It's nothing bad. Doc just said a little rest let's get it over with." Garza said with confidence and told
the reporters about his feelings for making a comeback.       
He added, "It ached, but I thought it was just a sore muscle or something so I never thought about it, Just kept going through it thought, 'I'll be all right.' Just Sunday it didn't feel right at all. It sucks, man, They won't let me throw a ball, and that's
what I get paid to do.”
Garza is out from baseball field since July 21st while many experts are speculating different calculations on his potential return.
The Cubs’ management is also silent since an MRI report has come signifying Garza with serious injury which could end his 2012 playing chances.
Cubs’ already placed Garza on disabled list while team doctors are still taking care regarding his injury in every way possible.
On Tuesday, the Cubs manager Dale Sveum also spoke to the media and told them in detail about Garza’s current situation.
He somehow assured his fans that nothing is serious and Garza, who is known for his toughness, will return soon on the field.
He further explained in the media that during the absence of Garza, the team management will be considering a potential replacement in next few days.
Before getting injured, Garza was playing with 3.91 ERA, 5-7 win-loss, 96 strike outs and 1.18 WHIP.
Experts say that Garza is a highly talented player and his presence is much needed in the Cubs’ roster at the moment. His six years Major League career certainly possesses some favourable advantage for the Cubs’ and if he does return into ongoing season,
it will be healthy sign for south Chicago side. 



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