Confident Rashad Evans calls Jon Jones ‘arrogant’ – UFC news

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Confident Rashad Evans calls Jon Jones ‘arrogant’ – UFC news
Rashad Evans and Jon Jones appeared on CSS’s SportsNite to attend the promotional event for their UFC 145 championship match at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia on April 21, 2012.
Both men had their share of words just when Evans went overboard to call Jones ‘arrogant’, advising him to be a little humble.
Throughout the event, Rashad Evans was hitting on Jones’ confidence saying that he has to come down a little to see things a bit more clearly. However, Evans went a bit too far when he said Jones is fake. The statement came in from Evans after Jones called
himself an experienced fighter moving towards just another fight.
Irking Evans, Jones iterated, “This is just another chapter in my life, a chapter in my story and I think it's so much greater than this fight. And that's why I feel calm and everything.”
He further said that he feels extremely confident and he knows how to make his way through.
In retaliation to Jones’ boastful sentences, Evans stated, “I don't respect Jon as a person. I think Jon is fake and Jon is fake just by even sitting here and saying that this is not going to be personal. Of course this is personal. He wants to smash me
as bad as I want to smash him. He don't forget the look on my face when I wouldn't get off him when I was beating him in practice. He don't forget that.”
Jones kept his calm while Evans lashed the former. Both the fighters were speaking out their best to ensure the event gets its cut and so it did. Jon Jones replaced Rashad Evans in a championship match last year that made the former annoyed. Since then,
Rashad Evans has waited to get his hands on Jones to avenge the embarrassment caused to him. At UFC 145, Evans will surely have the chance to grab Jones head to death.
Evans has previously claimed that defeating Jones is not tough and that he will prove it once they step in the ring.



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