Eden Hazard claims Arsenal is his preferred destination

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The Gunners have been shown a window of opportunity as has gone on to reveal that he would prefer to move to Arsenal, since he feels it would be easier to fit in over there.
The Gunners had reportedly lost out on the race to land the talented Belgian, as there were a number of reports floating about, which claimed that the forward had opted to make a move to Tottenham Hotspur instead.
However, the Lille player has now gone on to reveal that it would be a wiser option to make a move to Arsenal, given the fact that Thomas Vermaelen plays for them and how there are a number of players from the French Ligue 1 already amongst their ranks.
At the same time, Arsene Wenger’s French connections have also been highlighted as a positive by Hazard.
The twenty one year old attacker when talking about his future is quoted to have said: "There are several clubs that interest me in and Arsenal is really a part"
 "Of course, it's always more fun when the football is beautiful. In addition, at"
At the same time, he has also confirmed that he will be making a move to the Premier League, since it is the ideal place for him to develop.
"That's the championship where I think I can express myself better," said Hazard. "Where I can learn more, too. It's difficult to explain why, it's a question of feeling.”
"The level of the matches, the atmosphere in the stadiums, this is still well above anything I've experienced so far in and that attracts me. And I know many people in England - this is another added attraction."
With the Gunners now being given such a massive boost in their pursuit for Hazard, it would be very shocking to see the team not make a formal approach for the Belgian.
This isn’t the first time Hazard has hinted that he would like to move to the Premier League and play for Arsenal, but it could potentially be the last time he does so.
It is now up to Wenger and the Gunners board to decide whether they want to make a move for the player or not and if they are willing to break their transfer rituals in order to do so.
Nonetheless, it is now going to be a long and hard wait till the end of the season to see just what team ends up landing the talented twenty one year old and how he manages to adjust to life outside of France.



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