Detroit Tigers pursuing Chicago Cubs’ starting pitcher Matt Garza – MLB News

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Detroit Tigers pursuing Chicago Cubs’ starting pitcher Matt Garza – MLB News
The Detroit Tigers are working hard to add Chicago Cubs’ starting pitcher Matt Garza to their 40-man roster in order to strengthen the bullpen for the next regular season in Major League Baseball.
Some inside MLB sources have speculated in the media that the Tigers’ management is very serious to involve in a trade with Chicago Cubs for Garza, who have also agreed to talk about their talented starter’s future.                
Plenty of MLB teams including the Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox and the Miami Marlins have also showed their interest to sign Garza for the next season but no positive outcome has come.         
Another strong candidate, who is likely to sign Garza, is the New York Yankees. However, sources say, Garza’s asking for too much money and the Yankees cannot afford his potential $8 million per season salary in the presence of Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. 
On the other hand, the Tigers are more likely to sign Garza for their current strong financial position. Some say Garza’s exceptional talent will work both ways for the Tigers. First, the Tigers’ bullpen will be stronger than ever and secondly he will work
as starter Justin Verlander’s back-up.
Verlander, who singlehandedly, brought the Tigers in the last stages of the 2011 MLB post-season, certainly needs some backup power like Garza to repeat that kind of performance once again in the next season. He performed tremendously and outdid every opponent
in the post-season.                     
This has also confirmed by several sources that the right handed pitching sensation has a great chance to be traded in the Tigers roster even before the start of the 2012 training sessions.
Garza is currently considered one of the best pitchers in the Major League and when he will join hands with this year’s Most Valuable Player, Justin Verlander, this combination has the potential to rattle many teams in the League.
The next few days are very critical as both sides are going to meet to discuss how to go-head on a trade involving Matt Garza and in the meanwhile the Detroit Tigers’ fans are keeping their fingers crossed on the possible arrival of another talented pitcher
in the Tigers’ roster.



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