Paul Maholm is now a Chicago Cubs’ pitcher – MLB News

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Paul Maholm is now a Chicago Cubs’ pitcher – MLB News
Paul Maholm formally became a part of the Chicago Cubs’ roster on Tuesday, December 10 with a one year deal worth $4.25 million and a club option in 2013 worth $6.5 million.
Having previously remained the starter of the Pittsburgh Pirates, his inclusion in the Chicago Cubs is a harbinger of good things to come for the club. After Travis Wood, whom the Chicago Cubs added in the club recently, Maholm will be the second left hander
to make his way into the roster.
Interestingly, the news of Paul Maholm signing a deal with the Chicago Cubs came from no other source than his own Twitter account where he, on Monday, tweeted about the deal which materialised on Tuesday.
Maholm had stated, which was later eagerly picked up by almost all the print and electronic media outlets: "I hope to get to continue some things when I visit [Pittsburgh] during the year and start some great things as I start my Cubs career," Maholm wrote.
While it may have come as a surprise to many, Maholm said he had passed the physical; so he was all sure before tweeting about it.
"Obviously, I'd known for a few days, and [Monday] I passed the physical," Maholm said Tuesday. "It's tough just sitting around and not being able to say anything. I'd talked to [Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer] earlier in the night and everything was official.”
He took out time to talk about the utility of Twitter as well which – like he put it, is ‘good and bad’ and for the most part he tries to use it ‘for good stuff’.
Irrespective of the excitement or thrill that the tweet might have generated for the club and the fans as a whole, Maholm shall bring experience and power with him in the roster. The left-hand pitcher will team up with Travis Wood. His presence, the Chicago
Cubs expect, will be of great help to empower the roster, thereby going aggressively against the powerful hitters of the rival teams in the upcoming season. It will be interesting to see what type of impact Maholm will make for the Cubs in the 2012 MLB regular



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